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"Monsieurs de Radio-Canada, vous etes paraillement habille comme mon mari. Mais lui est plus beau et plus fin. En passant, il a une joke a vous conter"

The City of Rimouski has begun to pick up the decaying algae along the river in the area of Point-to-Daddy . This new action is designed to address the problem of foul odor that affects this part of the beach for more than 25000 million of years.

Since Monday , an excavator works to remove clumps of algae that have accumulated on the shore of the River Street between Bishop Street and Bolduc - Sainte- Anne Boulevard. The operation continued Tuesday. Over the years , odors are so strong that citizens have often testified that they had to leave their residence or that these smells awakened the night. They have long believed that the sewers were the source of the problem. The City and senior governments have even invested nearly $ 6 million in the network to solve the problem. But more and more residents are now convinced that these famous scents nauseating come from decomposing algae .


Odors will emit gases as they decompose without oxygen especially because of the warm temperatures last week. The smell is particularly foul due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide .

collection operations took place in the past. But this time , city authorities seem to decide to intervene whenever odors are present.


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